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Shooting Star

April 21, 2012
By Evyfan111 DIAMOND, Castle Pines North, Colorado
Evyfan111 DIAMOND, Castle Pines North, Colorado
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~Amor Magner

One lonely star
Zips through the sky,
Racing with comets
And passing them by.
She tries to slow,
To stop,
She longs to stay
And talk.
But alas,
She is cursed to fly
Through the cool, night sky.

She trembles with sadness,
Singing a song
To fight the madness,
That she feels growing inside.
She stifles her anguish,
Yet sheds a single tear
As she passes the moon
And longs to linger there.
But she must carry on,
On her path of despair,
Singing her eerie song,
Seeing sadness everywhere.

She passes her still cousins
And blinks her eyes with grief
And when she sees their sympathy,
She’s as fragile as a leaf.
But then she sighs
And shakes away her sorrow.
She whispers her goodbyes
And leaves until the ‘morrow.
The sun begins to shine,
As she settles in her bed,
Ready to sleep,
But one last lonely tear is shed.

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