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An Elegy for Tslia Marcus

March 28, 2012
By Bandana56 BRONZE, Snohomish, Washington
Bandana56 BRONZE, Snohomish, Washington
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The glimmer of a young child’s face
So innocent and pure
Was wiped away because of race
Because she wasn’t “pure”

Murder spread like a disease
Killing everyone around her
Until she ended up all alone
With only trees to guide her

The Hunters would come
And so she fled
With her mother in disguise
But it seemed no matter how far she went
She felt the Hunter’s eyes

Silent as the dead of night
Amongst the blackened shadows
She crept into the corner of her mind
Her cheeks sunken and hallow
But when the shadows lifted
And she had nothing left to give
Hope had found her among the trees
And so this girl lived.

The author's comments:
this is an elegy i wrote for English about a girl named Tsila Marcus who survived the Holocaust

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