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February 2, 2012
By Bookworm1997 BRONZE, South Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Bookworm1997 BRONZE, South Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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You cannot open a book without learning something. -Confucious

Every time I open up the cover of a glossy magazine
I see the kind of person that I am expected to be
Today beauty is defined by a size two waist
Not a hair out of place
A perfectly symmetrical face

I might not know how to wield a mascara wand
I might not be tall, slim, and blond
But just because I don't fit society's
Impressions of pretty
Doesn't mean I want to change who I am or who I want to be

I don't slap highlights onto my hair
I just don't care
My eyebrows aren't tiny enough for you
But for me they do

And I am concerned
By the girls who have to burn
Their hair into straight lines
When it looks just fine

The girls with the ring in their nose
They always have to have designer labels on their clothes
Because every time they alter their appearance, they tell the world
There is only one type of perfect girl

But when you look at your reflection
If you don't see perfection
What is it that you see?
'Cause I see me
The only person I expect myself to be

The author's comments:
Be who you are. :)

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on Jun. 3 2012 at 11:18 am
spirtualpersonification BRONZE, Glenview, Illinois
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"Nothing is impossible, the word impossible says i am possible" - Audrey hepburn <3

I  absoultley loved this, it gave readers an idea of how advertisment is tainting our youth without being to opinated. Please check out some of my work, i would really apprceieate it 

Brookealee said...
on Mar. 26 2012 at 11:34 pm
Brookealee, Gilbert, Arizona
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This made me smile! It was truthful and not overdone, and definitely had a rhythm to it. I really enjoyed your interpretation of this topic. Thanks for sharing. :)