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Crashing Faith

August 18, 2011
By Dudet95 GOLD, Ottawa, Kansas
Dudet95 GOLD, Ottawa, Kansas
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Favorite Quote:
Your mom, if you don't know the past... You're doomed to repeat it.

My stomach growls as i listen to the guy.I feel like I'm going to die.
Why can't he hurry up and just be done?Oh yeah because he's only just begun.
My stomach feels so hollow.I wonder if i get up if my dad would get up and follow?

He's telling us a bunch of crap about Satan's fall.I wonder if he even knew anything at all.
He's telling us to turn to a certain page.Something about God's rage.
Who is this God that can supposedly save my soul?Why is that suppose to be my main goal?

The guy finally closes in prayer.He said something about how God is fair.
I scurried out the door to get something to eat.Something with a lot of meat.
A red light postponed my search for food.I was in a very bad mood.
I impatiently waited for it to turn green.It was being so freaking mean!

That's when the truck hit me.I flew through the wind shield as fast as i could see.
Why didn't I put that seat belt on?Now I was gone!
I saw a bright light as I awoke.I didn't feel any pain so i gave my arm a quick poke!
Nothing at all.Where was the pain that was suppose to make me fall.

That's when I heard the man speak.I took a great leap!
"Why should I let you into my Paradise?What do you think will suffice?"
I could only see his light frame.The light was too bright for my eyes to tame.

Did I die?!I think I'm going to cry.
I finally realized who this man was,so fell to the floor.
He asked his question once more.
As I spoke I kept my fearful gaze down.I hope God does not frown.

"I am not perfect,but I have not killed,I have lied,but I have really,really tried."
I looked up and saw he had moved from his place.His feet were like inches from my face!
"Dear child you are not dead,although you go to the pastor to be fed.Yet everything he has said you have not heard?You are not a sheep in my herd.So I will show you what its like to die without me.I will show you what Satan does not want you to see."

He bent down to where his face was next to mine.He was trying to give me a sign.
The light blinded my sight!It was so bright!
"I will show you the pits of hell.I will show you just where Satan fell."

Before my shock could even sink it,I was surrounded by people suffering for their sins.
Tears rolled down my eyes as I heard their cries.
The fire torched their very souls.It was as if they were burning in deep bowls.
So this is what its like to forever be in pain.This is what its like to be forever insane.

"This is what its like to live without me.This is what its like to be what Satan calls free."I heard God's voice rise above the clouds of smoke.It moved as he spoke.
"This is what it will be like for you to if you do not realize what you should do."

The sites of hell began to fade.That's when I remembered the price that was payed.
"GO home to your family on earth.Go home and learn about the second birth."
I saw the bright light once more,but my eye sight was not as poor.

I awoke in a hospital bed.I looked around to see my parents eyes swollen red.
My parents jumped up to give me a hug.That's when I saw the bright light on the church mug.
My mind went back to the service I'd heard.Back to the pastor that looked like a nerd.

I remembered something that he'd said.Something he'd said before I'd thought I was dead.
"Isn't it better to believe,and be wrong,or not believe and die when it was there all along?"

I looked at my mom's tearful eyes.I remembered the sinners horrible cries.
"Mom please get the pastor who helped me see.I need him to help me ask Jesus to be with me."

The author's comments:
This was inspired by A car Crash that Happened to some of the local teens in my town,and they all went to our church.One person died,and I just couldn't let it go..This is what I came up with.

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on Feb. 14 2012 at 12:06 pm
Sarah1311 DIAMOND, Clackamas, Oregon
54 articles 0 photos 32 comments

Favorite Quote:
"To the world you may not be someone, but to someone you may be the world" and "Never frown because you never know who's fallen in love with your smile" <3

I like the message in this poem, and I love the line "Isn't it better to believe,and be wrong,or not believe and die when it was there all along?" because it's so true! My boyfriend used to tell me that all the time, and it's stories like this that help me remember why I have faith. :)

Dudet95 GOLD said...
on Jan. 14 2012 at 9:41 am
Dudet95 GOLD, Ottawa, Kansas
18 articles 0 photos 33 comments

Favorite Quote:
Your mom, if you don't know the past... You're doomed to repeat it.

Thanks for the comment on my poem:)

on Dec. 26 2011 at 12:35 pm
FinalStraw94 SILVER, Everett, Washington
5 articles 0 photos 2 comments

Favorite Quote:
Life is a dream that you don't wake up from. -Zachary Skurlock

I love the poem. I like the use of rhymes. 4 stars