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What's Really Inside

August 10, 2011
By Aisuu GOLD, Colleyville, Texas
Aisuu GOLD, Colleyville, Texas
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Slowly falling
Away from the world,
Hiding her soul
Like a precious pearl.

Locking inside
All the pain she feels,
She waits to recover
But her heart never heals.

Scared of the people
Pushing from all around,
She retreats to her mind,
She won't make a sound.

Lonely and scared,
She runs away,
She's losing everything,
It's crushed all her faith.

Not believing anyone,
She hears only lies.
She fears the people she sees,
The monsters in disguise.

She locks everyone out,
But longs to be free.
And in case you're wondering,
That girl is me...

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