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Still Try...

June 12, 2011
By JadedDreamer14 GOLD, Rockmart, Georgia
JadedDreamer14 GOLD, Rockmart, Georgia
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Don't write your name in the sand, Waves will wash it away
Don't write your name in the sky, Wind may blow it away

Write your name in the hearts of the people you come in touch with.
That's Where it will stay

Here I sit in a Darkened Room

Here I sit in Darkened Gloom

Not Able To think, Not Able to move

Everything seems still as if stuck in a groove

Hiding with a tear streaked face

Wishing to be in a different Place

Needing a Savior now

Needing and angel one who knows how

Needing help Above all other

In gloom appearing to smother

Then you came along so sweet

Now it's an angel I meet

When I cry, you're there for me

Telling me there's someone better out there, there has to be

Wiping my tears and silencing my cries

Trying to repair a severed heart, Broken by lies

But no matter where it goes, you stay beside me with an angelic glow

You find no humor in the show

You try to help my trust and heart grow

You may be Clueless but somehow you know

You know my lies and my weak spots

You don't take cheap shots

You take my hand and we fly

To a place where you're loved and yet you still try

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