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My One And Only

May 17, 2011
By DillN GOLD, Centerville, Iowa
DillN GOLD, Centerville, Iowa
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Id burn my self alive to keep you warm when you are cold.
And Id fight death himself if I could watch you grow old.
So hold me close, and kiss me slowly
So I can tell you that you’re my one and only
Id cut myself upon to give you blood if it would save you.
Id run thousands of miles in the sun to show my heart I gave you

This is not a love song, this is a confession.
Not of what I did wrong, but a truthful message
It seems I held this in for to long.
And now it might be to late.
Your in the hospital bed.
Life took your breath away.

So hold me close, and kiss me slowly.
Lets become one, Your my one and only
Is that a breath? Of cold air in the night?
Just breath it in, take in the life.
You now id give my life, in turn for yours.
But it seems a kiss brought you back asking for more.
So hold me close and kiss me slowly.
Welcome back to life, my one and only

The author's comments:
The Reason i ended it the way i did is because.there is alot of sad poems on here so i decided to give this one a happy ending :)

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