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Nothing Left

May 9, 2011
By Free- GOLD, Blllll, Kentucky
Free- GOLD, Blllll, Kentucky
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Favorite Quote:
"I believe in you and I believe in me, and I believe that we are not meaningless."
"What a waste of a perfectly good wrist."

They giggle like hyenas
I am alone and afraid
Their teeth sharp as needles
I am frightened and disgraced

They don’t need to hit me
Their mocking cuts deep
Their words are like punches
With mouths so cheap

My stomach clenches
My mouth clamps shut
I go on with a brave face
But inside there’s more than just a cut

I don’t understand
Why do they choose me?
My hair, my weight, my face
What else could there be?

Sometimes I can’t stand it
I think I’ll break in half
What will keep me going next time?
They won’t care; they’ll have a good laugh

Who will help?
Who can I tell?
No one wants to notice
That my life is pure hell

So on I go
Looking down
Hopefully no one will stop me
This time around

Sometimes I dream
I’ll be boss of them all
Years from now
Then they’ll seem so small

For now, I boil
Burning inside
Trapped in my own skin
Nothing left but my pride

I find a flower
I touch a petal
I listen to music
Heavy metal

I watch a comedy
I laugh and I cry
I turn to the mirror
And say goodbye

That was me
I can’t waste away
I have to get up, move on

My smile loosens
My heart feels light
Am I happy?
I ignore their comments-too trite

Suddenly, my bed
Isn’t the only place
I have to be
Because life isn’t a race

I guess it all isn’t that bad
Keep trying
It will get better
It is better.

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