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I Am Weird

April 21, 2011
By DillN GOLD, Centerville, Iowa
DillN GOLD, Centerville, Iowa
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I am weird.
Awkward, Odd, Funny!... However you would like to put it.
But Basically… I am weird.
I have come to except this, a long time ago.
I have learned to, embrace it
It didn’t take me long to discover my weirdness.
And was brought to my attensiion by others, by “Normal” People
You know, I can see you in the halls, store and McDonald’s, with your foot ball shirts sagging of your athletic bodies. Your, Short hair and Justin Beiber paraphernalia!
And I hear what you say! “Hey look at that weird kid…with his.. Hair.. and his… shirt.. Fagot!”.
Ya! I know..but its ok..
Cause I am weird.
I remember when my parents would ask me “Hey Dylan!, come here for a second. Take a set... No! not there I just cleaned that.. ya right there. Right in that chair. Ok, Dylan.. Are you gay!?”
“no mom..im just…. Im just…sensitive” I would say.
And that would be it.. The end of the conversation!... The best answer I could think of!
I tried to get into sports, hunting, trucks and other “popular” type stuff.
But I couldn’t! I never could quit understand it.
I just got the jest of it.
“Here, Take this ball! And run! Run towards that large group of testosterone crazed teens!, while they try to KILL You!!”
“ummm.... OK?..or not? Ya, lets go with not, I Rather run away!” I Rather take my guitar.And set over there..were its safe”
And I understand that I’m not a member on student counsel but I am a musician. Im not Home Coming King Or Mr. Popular but I have a lot of friends No, I'm not a sporty person, but I'm in a band!
And No I'm not a White Athletic Male but Two out of three, isn’t bad. Its ok to be weird, That I understand.
When Did it become ok to mock people for there differences?!
When is it Al Right to make fun of some one for being there selves?!
Is it ever ok To Talk down to some one because their not like you?
Then I began to See..That there are plenty like me.. A lot even!.. Just like me, So maybe I'm not weird. Maybe.. You’re the weird ones. When The weird out number the normal,
the normal become the weird! And That Makes YOU Weird!
And even if not
I Am Weird and I Am Proud!
And No I wont Conform!

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