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Our Vermilion Sky

June 20, 2008
By Emma_januari93 SILVER, Alpharetta, Georgia
Emma_januari93 SILVER, Alpharetta, Georgia
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Approaching through the softest haze, the vermillion sky pulses;
A heart that sputters as its gaze, encounters radiant emanation;
Pace is retrogressed, as tranquility flows its gracious course;
And love blossoms its self eternally, for the heart may not deceive;
The world that grows ever small, connects just us two in harmony;
Sinking deep may be consequence, that cleaves the seams of affection;
But for you the hole is never profound, as I am able to reach you inevitably;
Do not yearn on those minor flaws, that enrapture us all in sadness;
For you I profess nothing more than a heart filled with happiness;
In every sinister cave that may capture your soul and shade your mind,
I will follow you with acceptance from choice, for adoration surpasses entirely;
Love neither explicit nor generous, but given in held hearts closely;
Days grow dark as strengths dictate, but forget those passing tales,
For now love defies in its place us doves, admonishing away from blinded trails;
The speckled bird may break its wings, but its love for his pallid friend remains united;
Winds ripping through the brush, but wings enveloped in warmth defiant;
Caress the gentle mind in anomalous notions, forging deep vengeance;
As air pours itself in these deep wells, everlasting holes for intolerance;
As new fences are built in other meadows, unaware rabbits scamper away;
These ports establish grand precautions, keeping the impending fog at bay;
But in such chaos the Sun finds her eyes, peering through such mist;
For lighted and lucid her path becomes in our vermilions sky.

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Kash said...
on Sep. 25 2008 at 1:26 am
Such a beautiful poem. I think this is the best one yet!