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Left Behind (i am scared)

April 1, 2011
By DillN GOLD, Centerville, Iowa
DillN GOLD, Centerville, Iowa
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Iv been here before, trying to make since of this world, it doesn’t work

A moment in this world, Everything went black, all went cold

Marked by fate. My lost soul, Why am I gone, I wasn’t old

Scared of the truth, did I leave this life, Some one tell me, did I survive

Coldness filed my spin, maybe I shouldn’t have drank, so much this time

All is is lost. Don’t look surprised. That I wont be home again to night

Restless, threw the night. know one looked. No one tried

Endless fear, filled my eyes. As the cars came near, as they collide

Don t be sad, plz don’t cry. just tell me, tell me I survived

The author's comments:
This is about lose. For everyone who has lost some one because of drunk driving. Sometimes people don't realize the possible outcome of there actions, and how it can hurt others around you.

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