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Behind the Face

February 10, 2011
By WriteAboutNow BRONZE, Commack, New York
WriteAboutNow BRONZE, Commack, New York
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Who is it behind my face
It sure as hell ain’t me
That smiling girl in the mirror
That’s who I’m supposed to be
So why do I hide
Why can I not trust
How does nobody see

My soul crumbling to dust
I find it a bit funny
That no one cares enough to see
The girl inside that’s dying
If they’d actually see me
Sometimes I come off confident
When I’d really like to leave
I make it look like I’m laughing
When I’m trying just to breathe
By myself I don’t have to pretend
My stiff smiles falter and fail
As I cry myself asleep each night
And each day’s hopes set sail
Sometimes I hope for nightmares
As just a break from my abyss
But to me life’s already a bad dream
Where no one senses anything amiss
I try so hard
And yet I can never win
I can never finish anything
I don’t even know how to begin
My whole life is meaningless
I’m drowning in my despair
If anybody notices
They definitely don’t care
Some might think I’m happy
My eyes all aglow
But that’s just the shimmer of tears
I try to stop before they go
Now I’m not suicidal
But I wonder when I’m dead
If anyone will ever know
These thoughts ran through my head
I used to be a cheerful girl
I don’t know how I got so depressed
With no clue how to get out of this hole
I’m in an awful mess
No one understands me
They don’t seem to hear
I doubt they’d even notice
If I just died right here

The author's comments:
This poem is just something that I wrote one day.

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