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i don't know what to call this

December 12, 2010
By Danadolly PLATINUM, Florence, Kentucky
Danadolly PLATINUM, Florence, Kentucky
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Love, love of my life
Of you I have so many amazing memories
But you're not sure you want me as a wife...
But I still love the asymmetry, of your body

I still love the grey of your eyes
I love the quirky curve of your smile
You're the only one with whom I can never seem to cut the ties
This isn't a game, you're never just a trial

I love when you laugh, the sparkle of giddiness in those windows to the soul
I love the imperfections and freckles on your hand
I love your opinions, the way you speak your mind; you're quite bold
You can have my life if you want, all of me can be your land

When i look at old pictures of us with our long hair
I remember all the moments we laughed
It's all i can do not to stare
Constantly at you...if you left, my heart would be halved

I'm not quite sure how to win you over
I'm not always perfectly behaved
But I know I'd wish upon a star, the moon, a four leaf clover
For only you--because the roads of my heart's arteries, by only you, are they paved.

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