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Fear of the Left Behind

January 3, 2008
By Liz Nasca PLATINUM, Edinburg, Virginia
Liz Nasca PLATINUM, Edinburg, Virginia
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Remember to forget the last emotion you saw running through my eyes

I forgot to say goodbye and now I'm grieving last impressions.

Annie is too good for tears and mistakes that make you grow up.

But I think the time has come for me to let go.

My name is just a simple reminder of everything I am,

And everything I've seen resides in the hole in my heart.

My compliments are lasting but your sorrow brings them down.

I think I'm bordering insane

but if I let go you'll just fade away.

My head is saying hopeless but my heart likes to second-guess.

The only sign of deterioration is that stain on my dress.

And if I'm memorizing, please remind me to leave this all behind.

This pain is just a secret left for only everyone to stumble upon.

Annie says to tell you only what she could not say.

My memory is making your ghost appear almost every other night.

The little nicks and knacks you left behind are slightly haunting.

Like on the kitchen table there's that place when you spilled your coffee

Or on that last day that I held you, when you had put on too much cologne.

And that shirt of yours that you just bought…

It's still hanging in the closet.

I know I should probably take it down

But I can't bring myself out of bed.

I wonder what would really happen if I just lost


Please tell me what I am supposed to do.

I'm sorry I am so dependent on your devotion.

This is making me-


Because I swear I am about to-


And even though I know you don't understand,

I wish I could ask you everything

I wish I could just go back

Go back and -

If I say goodbye right now will you even hear me?

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