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Tears and Blood

October 13, 2010
By Atarla GOLD, Portland, Oregon
Atarla GOLD, Portland, Oregon
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Everything happens for a reason, And nothing is without one

You are a Vampire
And your words are your fangs
My tears are your blood
And you drain all my strenth

The past is your first bite
Everything I have ever done
The pain of the scars
Thats when the first tear comes

Teh present comes next
In your lust for blood
When lies is all you say
Now the tears start to run

My future us just a waste
you bring down all my hopes and dreams
You say that I'm hopless
I just cry and look at the ground

I know you enjoy my pain
I can see it in your eyes
Your lust for my blood
you love to watch me die

I don't feel strond enough
But I'll keep on fighting
Because in the end
I know you'll be the one dying

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