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Away From Silence and Darkness, Look Upon Her

September 19, 2010
By TheAesthetikGENEration GOLD, New Holland, Ohio
TheAesthetikGENEration GOLD, New Holland, Ohio
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Silence. The Beauty that gives and never takes. She listens to my stories, my thoughts, and my questions. She does not need to answer, for she is kind. My eyes gaze upon Darkness. She is my friend. She is there when I open my eyes, and when they are closed. We are inseparable. My world, Silence and Darkness.

With my eyes sealed and breathe slowed, I pray. Tears flow as my whispers fade. Silence, in her kindness, listens. Darkness, in her love, watches.

I pray for dreams to become reality, instead of false hopes.

I pray for nightmares to fall asleep.

I pray for someone beside me, taking away the thought of being painfully alone.

Darkness looks on, expressionless. Silence without words.

I pray.

My eyes, now falls of doubt and fear, look upon the dark and prayers lost to the silence. To my knees, I fall, I cry. My tears are soon accompanied by laughter not my own. Laughter. A sweet sound. I stood, silent in my own. The laughter continues. Suddenly, I feel warmth. It was peaceful, calming. I open my eyes slowly, awakening to her. She stood in front of me, our eyes gazing into one another’s. Her smile filled me with a strange feeling. What is this?

Happiness. Joy. I felt as if they had become a part of my being. My nightmares and feelings of dread faded. My thoughts drifted until I only thought of her. I wanted to stay with her. Never having to leave her behind.

To have found this beauty was a dream within another. Darker before the dawn. This soon became clear as we stood still, our thoughts lost each others, our eyes locked. Darkness had been left behind. Silence had been replaced. Yes, it was like a dream.

To find love, is to fight through the loneliness, the darkness, and silence that comes when you are alone. Only after living through these, will one truly know what it is like to be with someone. To truly value them around you, to truly value the love between the two.

This love to me.

To look upon her, as she took away the dark.

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