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August 30, 2010
By Danadolly PLATINUM, Florence, Kentucky
Danadolly PLATINUM, Florence, Kentucky
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I’m pitching forward into the deep black abyss
I feel in my soul that something’s amiss
I have failed
Let me tell you the tale…

My actions reap nothing
I can no longer with joy sing
All I can do is wonder what horrors tomorrow will bring
For I know there is no one to take me under their wing.

I am a mystical fairy, a magical beast
I am quite enchanted, to say the least
I stand 2 inches tall, my wings glitter like gold
I’m nearly a hundred years old…

For fairies never die
And fairies can’t lie
And it is for that reason
That my soul stinks of treason

If you don’t understand what I mean
Let me begin as I wipe the slate clean
There once was a witch from far in the east
She was quite terrible, she was the true meaning of beast

She was not green as a witch often is
She had no wars, but tis
Quite terrible the way she behaved
The roads of her heart, with blackness were paved

She was quite beautiful but looks can deceive
And she is the reason from my home I had to leave
Though it might be better to say
That it’s my fault, for it seems quite that way

One morning when I awoke and was out on a leaf sipping some dew
She snuck up behind me and threatened to make me into her brew
If I did not tell her all that I knew
Of my home’s location, and oh how I was blue…

When I realized she wished to attack my sweet village
And all it’s treasures she wanted to pillage
She asked mye a question and I had to reply
As we all know that fairies are unable to lie…

She asked me, “Tis it north?”
I shook my head back and forth
She asked “Tis it east?”
And I trembled in the knees.

“Is it in the top of the big old oak tree?”
Oh woe is me
For I cannot lie
So the answer was yes that I had to reply

She flew away on her broom
To bring my sweet home to its ever lasting boom
And as I saw her fly by
My eyes did water and I started to cry

For my people I had betrayed
And I would be sorrowful when their bodies were layed
In the green grass and fertile soil
Of the earth under their tree, oh how it wouldn’t matter how much they had toiled

To my their home luscious
My home was precious
All of the sudden I saw curls of smoke
And the cackle of the evil witch’s laugh as she spoke

As tears streamed down my face
Away from there I began to race
Never to come back
Oh the courage I lack
As I ran from that place
As I turned from my sacred space
And now I am here
Telling a story of home so dear

I have committed treason
For the simple reason
Of that I cannot lie
So therefore I had to tell my home goodbye

I’m pitching forward in the deep black abyss
My soul is amiss
I’m losing my grip
For the poison of red berry I must now sip.

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