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Poem for You

July 19, 2010
By Danadolly PLATINUM, Florence, Kentucky
Danadolly PLATINUM, Florence, Kentucky
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If mistakes can ever turn out well
Then you're the best mistake I ever made
You pulled me up from the depths of fire-filled hell
You rescued me from my world of shimmering jade

If mistakes can ever turn out well
I know one that surely did
You helped me out of my old pink conch shell
And for once it was right to listen to the soft whispers of my id

If mistakes can ever turn out right
You spread cooling salve into my raw wounds
You changed my darkness into light
I'm no longer gloomy, I've changed my tune

If ever there was an error that wasn't wrong
You showed my I didn't need to cry
You've changed my world, you are my song
I'll keep you until the bitter day I die.

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