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If Only

June 4, 2010
By krysten SILVER, Weiser, Idaho
krysten SILVER, Weiser, Idaho
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Smile now or smile later, but remember the pain you hide, will only grow greater.

If I close my eyes I hear whispers of our past, laughs and cries. We broke eachother but pulled ourselves back into one piece. Countless tears, forgotten but reminded fears. Afraid to tell you how I truly feel, afraid of your reaction. Love or rejection? If only.... If only you could really understand, if only you could see into my heart. I have spilt my own blood in agony and pain, If only you could save me from myself. I dont understand this suffering I am facing. The sky through my eyes is dark and full of shadow, when I think of you I begin to see light. I hear you but I cant see you, I kiss you in my dreams but it isnt real enough.... If only I could feel your lips on mine.... If only...

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