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May 13, 2010
By luv_icecream SILVER, Dubai, Other
luv_icecream SILVER, Dubai, Other
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Bisa, with teeth like rotten apples, a black grimy face that was never washed, hair like springs, never lying flat. Bisa with eyes that have never seen light, Bisa who wished she was Bisa, who wished she was greatly loved. Bisa who’s aunt shakes her roughly to wake her, Bisa who does not get time to sleep, Bisa who can never remember being hugged. Bisa who has to work like a mule, Bisa who wishes to go to school.
Bisa who has no toys, Bisa who is an orphan, Bisa who collects water from the well, Bisa whom no one remembers, alone in the world, the girl that cries herself to sleep…

The author's comments:
Bisa is an African name meaning greatly loved...

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