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April 21, 2010
By AnonyMOUSE BRONZE, Canon City, Colorado
AnonyMOUSE BRONZE, Canon City, Colorado
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This is the end—-
Where the pages and the cover meet—-

You will try to hide yourself—-
Beneath your soft and warm white sheets—-

But this is the beginning—-
Where your doubts and fears begin—-

And you will write the story—-
The horror you are in—-

Come close my Child—-
Let me tell you something true—-

The worst of any fear—-
Is the very fear of you—-

At first you’ll know not what it is—-
The stabbing you will feel—-

But this pain is from the fear inside—-
And this is truly real—-

You’ll throw a basket on the top—-
Pretend that its not true—-

But there’s no getting rid of this—-
The fear you have of you—-

You should just stop caring—-
You’ll never learn to cope—-

Here is some advice—-
Always give up hope—-

But though your grave is already deep—-
Let the rain lull you to sleep—-

Though the earth is piled high—-
Never say I didn’t try—-

I tried to see you so much more—-
Than just the cuts and blood and gore—-

Desperate just to get some more—-
Before the day you are no more—-

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on Jul. 6 2010 at 1:06 pm
SocialCollision SILVER, Hampton, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
\"When we\'re taught to love everyone, to love our enemies, What value does that place on love?\" Marilyn Manson

Wow! You have talent! I really liked the way you did this;)


Social Collision