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The smell of new paper fills

October 9, 2007
By Robyn Herbert SILVER, Wichita, Kansas
Robyn Herbert SILVER, Wichita, Kansas
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The smell of new paper fills my nostrils as I turn the pages.
I enter another world.
The books
take me soaring beyond the sheets between the covers.
Each word is a new adventure. A new friend introduced with each character.

Another fascinating adventure awaits them with each new page.
As I indulge in the lengthy words
a world almost beyond imagination is uncovered. Each time I open the book's cover
my breath is stolen by similes and metaphors. Freedom of speech is in books.

With each new book
I pick up I fall in love with the characters
I read from cover to cover
quickly because the books are so wonderful. The pages
entice me. When else can you travel to a world
not your own? And live, learn and explore through another's words?

Avi's, Poe's and Austen's words
fill my head while their books
change the ways of the world.
Their characters,
sometimes lost and sometimes in love fill the pages
with their emotions from dusty cover to dusty cover.

An old, torn cover
holds one of the greatest books
in the world.
But loyal readers do not care how the book looks; they care about the characters.
They eagerly turn the pages
awaiting the conclusion until they hit the back cover.

Another story, another battered cover
Another dimension, another world
Another tragedy, another dead character
More beautiful words
printed in books.
Permanently staining the pages.

I weep onto the pages of another world ruined. The books and the pictures on their covers tell the story of their tragedy. They whisper their words to me; their characters beg me to save them from a horrible fate.

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