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What Can You Know

October 3, 2007
By Priscilla Anderaos SILVER, Spring, Texas
Priscilla Anderaos SILVER, Spring, Texas
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The lanky boy in church on Sundays-

We chased each other ‘round the playground,
And on my birthday he gave me a shimmery, rough stone
He had found in his backyard.

But I hardly remember it,
Besides, what can you know in kindergarten?

Then that kid in the corner with the long, dark hair-

5th grade.
On Valentines Day he gave me candy, a blue bear,
And a valentine with his name on it.
Everyone said he wanted me as his “girlfriend”.

But how much can that mean,
Besides, what can you know in 5th grade?

And that guy with the bright eyes and blonde hair-

8th grade.
I would see him every day in 5th period,
And all year I had the biggest crush on him.
I would go to the library in the mornings just to catch his glance.

But I couldn’t have liked him that much,
Besides, what kind of feelings can you have in 8th grade?

Now how about that dark-eyed boy with the untamed, curling hair-

Sophomore year.
We met at the movies.
He was my homecoming date.
He always gave the best hugs.
He was my first kiss.
He cheated…

But how much could that hurt,
Besides, what do you know when your heartbroken.

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