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May 17, 2008
By Anonymous

All I want to do is ask why?
I’m sorry I can’t make up my mind
And there is nothing I can do to take your pain away.
I know you are confused.
I want
To help but my mind is spinning.

When I got the news, my world slowly started to spin.
No one knows why
It began. I want
To take away your pain, but I don’t know what is going on in your mind.
I can’t understand. I’m so confused.
Was I the one who caused this because I took you away?

I want to take you away
Back to the good times, but that past is spinning
Away into the distance, and it’s so confusing
To think about why
This happened. Sometimes I think I’m losing my mind
But I’m only wanting

To bring you what you want,
But like the swans, it has flown away,
And we are left to deal with the messed up minds
Of ourselves, wanting to spin
Away this horrible pain. I want to stop everyone from asking you why
Because I know you have no reasons. Only confusion

Starting with you. But then the confusion
Leaves and moves to everyone else who wants
To see why.
There is no answer for you or for me. There are only things to take away
The spinning,
And the things reeking havoc on your mind.

I would do anything to stop your mind
from racing, anything to stop your pain. I would do anything to stop your confusion,
But your ideas are already spun
Round and round. Now you don’t want
The only thing going to save you. You want it taken away,
But once it’s gone you need it back, and you beg to know why,

But your mind won’t tell the answer. And as much you want
To unlock the answer you are too confused. You can’t get the answer away
From your mind that is spinning. All I want to know is why?

"This will certify that the above work is completely original."

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