Picasso | Teen Ink


May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

They call him Picasso for his ease with art,
His real name is Preston but he doesn’t fit that part.
He can tell you the difference between red and blue,
But when it comes to reading he doesn’t have a clue.

Crayons, pencils, paint whatever you choose,
He’ll draw you anything and never refuse.
He’ll go for hours and hours, night and day-
With Picasso it’s always time to work and never to play.

This time however he says it will be his best-
It will put all his skills to the final test.
He disappeared right after his nap,
He did not return until it was time for his snack.

He had paint in his hair, his eyes, and his nose.
He had paint in his ears and even all over his clothes.
He took my hand and led me to the hall,
And there it was all over the wall.

There were kings, dragons and even knights,
It told a story of glorious and victorious fights.
He smiled so proud, and he smiled so big,
So even to this day, that mural still lives.

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