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A Walk Through the Forest

May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

A Walk through the Forest
As I walk through the forest
What do I see?
A palace, all for me

Great giants
Looming over me
Protecting my palace faithfully

As I walk I feel their eyes on me
Looking into my mind
Welcoming me

The deeper I go, the more I see
It’s my palace
And it’s waiting for me

I hear…

A deer,
A bear,
A fox

The’re all running
Through my great palace
To say hello to me

I bend down next to a small hill
With little ants scurrying around

They carry small things here and the’re
They are cooks
Cooking a feast for me

A deer walks by, her faun by her side
She stopped and bowed to me
A duchess, bowing to her queen

Birds soar ahead
Singing their songs
Saying: Our queen is here

I walk into a great clearing
The greatest of them all
My throne room

All of my court
Standing around my throne
Bowing to me

Bright emeralds
Shining so brightly
On my beautiful throne

I sit down
And begin to hold court

The nobles of the forest
Bring their gifts to me
Tribute to their queen

Soon I get up
And lead them to another clearing
To my feast

A small army of cooks
Have laid out a feast
All for their queen

My court and I
Stuff ourselves full
Of our wonderful food

I lead
Back to the throne room
And sit down again

I sit on my throne
With all of my court around me
And fall asleep

I awaken
Still sitting on my throne
And see

All the animals of the forest
Slowly drifting away
But not without a bow for their queen

I stand
And walk away
Out of the forest

Out of my palace

This will vertify that the above work is completey original

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