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Next Door

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

They are there when times are bad
and when times are good.
Although they have a one-story house,
with one bathroom to share
between the whole family,
they believe it's no big deal.
They act as though they have everything.
That their lives are exactly
what they thought they were going to be.
What they had wanted all along.
We are always talking
About how they are never
Going to get by in life
Or how
They should try to improve their lives
Because they aren't living the
"American Dream".
Well, the truth is
We are wrong,
We are all wrong about the Jones' family.
Not about their lifestyle, but about the dream.
As we all go about our
Business in this world,
It seems like they
Have much more purpose
In this world than us.
It is all because they have motivation.
They have something to work for,
Something to fill their day,
Something they would hope to accomplish.
They have no clue why they are doing it.
It pushes them 'till they're so frustrated,
That they would rather stick
A piece of glass in their eye,
or beat themselves senseless
Then go about living their lives.
Their motivation seemed to grow somehow,
Inside themselves.
Like a new tree, or a flower,
It seemed to sprout up and blossom in each other's eyes.
But it was no plant or fruit.
It was love,
and theirs seemed to be greater than anyone else's.

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