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Love Poem No. 2

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

Sun filters through the pines,
Rearranging the heavens beneath my feet.
They have seen my every summer

Since I was born.
Sap sticky on my toes
Makes me filthy, but everything

Feels perfect.
Water gentle and clean lulls me
Every night

After I count my freckles,
I can never have enough.
Dark waters devour my body

Bare under the stars.
I am happy to be the night's prey.

My hair takes on the color of sand.
Warm granules nuzzle into my scalp
And the sun kisses each strand on my head.

Waking up, damp with jewels of dew
From sleeping at the water's edge
With only the ducks to say

Good morning. Freedom,
You will watch my children, hold them
Love them

As you love me.
I hope you live forever.

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I LIKE PIE said...
on Jul. 9 2011 at 2:23 pm

I'm sick of love.


Everyone writes about love in their poems and songs
and I am sick of it.
I'm not against love for love is everything.
Love moves mountains. Love builds nations.
But love is not puppies or rainbows like some songs tell.
Love is not oceans and sky like some poems say.
Love is not playing silly games. love is not abuse.
That is not love.
Love is trust and friendship taken beyond.
Love is hard. But love is worth it.
Love is a two way road.
Love is more than what you've heard.

I hope to someday have love.