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When My Parents Got Divorced

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

It was so lonely and cold,
He cheated and he lied
At times i wish he had died
My mom was so sad,

He was so mad
He slept with another woman
Then mom found out
There was no doubt

That it would end so soon
Just 13 years of marriage he cheated th whole time
Then my mom realized it was time

Time to end the marriange
Now he ha a girlfriend
Me, my sister, and my brother dont want to defend
My brother says she's pregnant now

I don't know how
How he could leave us
And now he deceaves us
I'll try so hard to love him again

It might work it might not
But if I just had one thought
I would think of how to forgive
But why should I live when he didn't give?
Give us all his heart
Just from the start
I wont forgive and forget just one bit
I might be able to forgive one day

But I will never forget
Forget how he cheated and lied
but never appoligize
someday I will forgive,

But if heavens gates open for him bofore i get to
I will always regret
And have nothing left
I will never have him again

And i will not forget
All the pain i caused in our relationship
So I might as well forgive
And go on and live!

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