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Live Dreams

May 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Dreams can come and go like the passing of the merry-go-round figures. Either you jump on and bite at opportunity or you hesitate and watch the playful rides become a dreary blur. I’ve got dreams, as many as the pummeling raindrops and as precious as the morning dew on a fallen leaf. As long as you don’t become that leaf you’ve got a chance to make those dreams come true.

I’ve got it all figured out, how college is the key and you can‘t wait for chance to come a courting. How the big ranch house I want will have a sprawling porch with a fitful view to feast your eyes on, when you’re just about too tired to do anything else. I’ll have a great big entrance hall and a handful of stairs leading you about anywhere. In the study I’ll tilt my chair back on its heels after trying to find a way around writer’s block all day. As I amble out with my dog by my side, scratching his shaggy ears, sending them flying, whipping around like a kite under wrinkles of rain, we’ll enter the barn and inhale its rich scent. Then I’ll saddle my mare with the ease of experience, cinching the girth tighter a second time to catch her with a relaxed belly. We’ll exchange my old trick on her in the confidence of friendship, and I’ll swing up onto her like those cowboys do in them slick, swaggering westerns. She doesn’t have reins on ‘cause she knows where I want to go; up yonder, towards our favorite spot, where my writing hand can fly and she can find some decent grass. I rest my back against a gnarly oak and the barrier between pen and paper dissolves. Stories soar as high as this dream… as it all comes true.

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