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Prisoner Of Words Unsaid

May 14, 2008
By Anonymous

I am a prisoner of words unsaid,
You don’t see that I’m dead,
From all the abuse,
Now I refuse,
To let it get to me,
That’s why I have to be,
So quiet here inside,
I know I have to hide,
If I show you whats wrong.
It’ll take you so long,
To figure out,
What I’m about,
She will always torture me so,
As if you didn’t know,
You were once there,
And isn’t it a bare,
To carry it all your life,
It causes so much strife,
It is a shame,
Of what I should have became,
But instead,
I will look ahead,
And help those in need,
By doing a good deed,
But it’s so hard,
That I feel I must guard,
The people I know,
And now I must go,
Into a world so great,
Where there is no hate,
Everybody loves you for you,
Not for what you do,
There is no abuse,
Because it has no use,
You ask me why I don’t tell,
And I say it’s because I’d be sent to hell,
For betraying my own blood,
I would be considered a dud,
And treated even worse,
I’m full of a curse,
A curse full of words unsaid,
That are swarming around in my head,
They won’t go away,
And every day,
I live through it all,
And eventually I will get a call,
From one that stood,
Because they could,
Stop the abuse,
It was no use,
That person got out,
And left me to carry about,
What pain they left behind,
It was not kind,
But now I understand,
That there is a band,
That holds us together,
Like a tether,
But until the day,
That one person will say,
“Yes, she’s been abused,
And used,
I’ve been through it too,
But we don’t expect you,
To know,
Who will be the first to go,
When she finds out,
What we told about.”
I know it’s not physical, no bumps, bruises or scrapes,
It doesn’t hurt like rapes,
It’s deeper than ever,
And it will stay forever,
No matter what you do,
It will always be there to bother you,
Most people turn to drugs,
Because it bugs,
But I don’t,
And I won’t,
Even though your life will never be better,
It makes you a debtor,
You feel like you owe her an apology,
By writing a whole anthology,
About why you hate,
What happened to your fate,
While you are there,
You just don’t care,
You will never see your life clearer,
And will never look in the mirror,
You feel like you’re in a great tide,
You must reside,
I am a prisoner of words unsaid,
And now I use my head,
But when I think about my past,
It is the last,
Because I hate to dwell,
On what no one could tell,
My life was a living hell.

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