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My Prison

May 13, 2008
By Anonymous

Denver my prison without bars and electric wire
The city that has me in shackles but i still admire
In the colorful lights downtown all my wishings starts drown
The crowds absorb all my O2
leaving me feeling a little blue the polution dims my sun
I have to excape to the mountains to have fun
What can i say im a country girl trapped in a city
Cant wait till the handcuffs come off and i can run away
Go to the south where i would love to forever stay
but i cant dig out my roots theyve grown for seventeen years
If they are uprooted i will loose myself
its one of my greates fears
Denver holds my future in its hand
That i cant leave now i have to understand
i have to hold out a little more
But it drains my strenght and leaves me sore
i run through my day and stay up all night
The next morning im quite a sight
i dont want this type of life i feel like a wife
Where i have a paper contract that cuts away my chioce
where i have no where to run to no freedom and no voice
Once those twelve years are up im filling to get divorced
To stay here any longer i cant be forced
Ill get remarried once im free
to the dessert i love to see
Where the sky will be the limit
i wont have to rush through my day ill just kick back and enjoy it
People wont crown me in
And resting wont be considered a sin
My wishing starts will shine nice and bright
Lighting up a dreamless night
No toxic clouds will cover my sun
So that in my town I will have fun
My strenght will come back I will no longer be tired
Becuase ill be away from the city i once admired
i pray for the day i wont have a reason
To remain in denver my prison

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