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Deceiving Love

January 1, 2010
By liblib33 GOLD, Dedham, Massachusetts
liblib33 GOLD, Dedham, Massachusetts
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He has deceived before and even though you know this
You go for it.
His piercing blue eyes are hard to resist
Even though you know the last girl
And the girl before that
had fallen for him the same way.
He played games
And meddled with your mind
Just as he had before
dozens of times.

You know it’s wrong to be with him
But his outer shell
Is just so beautiful
That it hides what is true inside.
And even though you discover what is true,
His popularity is your security
And it is hard
To let him go.

But what seems to be hard to do
In your mind
Will be far easier when it is done
In your heart.

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