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Lord's Light

December 4, 2009
By Straye GOLD, A Place, Other
Straye GOLD, A Place, Other
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"There are as many wrong reasons to do the right thing as there are stars in the sky, but never is there a right reason that justifies doing the wrong thing."

She’s shrouded in something blacker than night,
She stands there frozen in lifeless fright.
She waits for something by light of the moon.
Though her heart is breaking, night’s end comes soon.
The stars start to fade and she’s left there unfazed,
She remains there alone, her eyes become glazed.
Tears fell from her eyes as she said her goodbyes.
Clouds gathered above, concealing the skies,
The rain fell for days, no visible ending,
Her hope slowly fades, her will slowly bending.
“Help Me!” she begged, her open soul bared,
From above came a voice with a warmth all things shared.
Arms wrap around her, wings taking her home.
Flying to her lord, where she’ll no longer roam.
He welcomed her in with love and delight.
“My first life is over… now this… what a sight!”

The author's comments:
Religion, I haz it. <3

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