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The Performance Lives

October 25, 2009
By Jb10P SILVER, Washington, Missouri
Jb10P SILVER, Washington, Missouri
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Perform a play.
Dance, Spin, Twirl, sing of Mother Nature’s Rain.
A family of clouds frowns down at you.
The thunder laughs in your ear.
The lightning screams at you from above.
A team of hail falls down like the tears of a child.
An assembly of fog squeezes tightly around you.
The spinning wind blows painfully on your face.
The snow that falls acts innocent, but then becomes a treacherous storm.

Keep performing.

Sing of Father Winter’s Blizzard.
A twister twists, hops, and jumps upon the ground tauntingly speaking to us.

Keep performing

A hurricane yells and shouts as it does a jig along the ocean shore.
The juggler shouts a tornado warning then sighs as it passes us by.
We accept the weather, stop the show, and run to hide.
Mother Nature blows a kiss goodbye as she floats back up into the sky.

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