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October 10, 2009
By Erinxx BRONZE, Farmingville, New York
Erinxx BRONZE, Farmingville, New York
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Through the cold and lonely landscape
Toward the warmth and salvation I know so well
Underneath my bare and blistered feet
Until I reach what is home
For I run as fast as my legs will take me
To escape the torture, the abuse, the humiliation
Before me, a thousand steps untaken
Behind me lies my dignity, my faith in all that is good, shattered
Among the coarse and unforgiving pavement
Far from where I want to be, need to be

The author's comments:
Written for an english project. I'm not really sure what it's about; it's basically about someone who's running away from something that they've either had enough of, or because something terrible happen. You can interpret it for yourself.

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