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Forever Endlessly

October 7, 2009
By FR34K0N4L345H33 PLATINUM, Abilene, Texas
FR34K0N4L345H33 PLATINUM, Abilene, Texas
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Every wish I make.
Is to have you here with me.
My wishing for you love.
Is forever endlessly.

On every fallen lash.
That I quickly blow away.
I wish for your love.
And to be with you someday.

On every shooting star.
I wish for you love.
I watch it fly on by.
Far and high above.

On every birthday cake
And candles that I blow.
I wish for you love.
And for you to never go.

And every single night.
I see you in my dreams
I wish for you love.
For you to love me endlessly.

And every single day.
Deep inside my heart.
I wish for you love.
How long to be apart?

©2009 ~FR34K0N4L345H33

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