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City In The Sky

September 23, 2009
By dre0715 GOLD, Willow Grove, Pennsylvania
dre0715 GOLD, Willow Grove, Pennsylvania
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He wakes up smiling in this perdition
Naive doesn’t begin to describe this man
He exits the car he calls his home
His joy people couldn’t understand
With alcohol heavy on his breath
He’d sing for the people in the streets
Just so he could collect enough change
So he could afford something to eat
He’d greet the souls in the streets
With a toothless smile
The knew there was something different about this man
Due to the twinkle in his eye
They’d ask the diseased man
If he was afraid to die
He expressed how he had no fear for he had seen the promise land
That was greater than you and I
Onlookers appeared puzzled
As he described the magnificent place
But they know he was candid
By the expression on his face
The man grew older
His voice grew weaker
Although he could barely speak
His spirit was as strong as ever
After a while his once overflowing change bucket
Grew a little lighter
And his once gifted voice
Had lost its fire
But he still sang his heart out
About his glorious place
He knew he’d soon be leaving this earth
And be gone without a trace
One night he his body lost its fight, to death it had to comply
He drifted away from this earth
To a city in the sky
Civilians walked the streets
And noticed one day he was gone
But somehow they could feel and hear
His spirit still lives on.

The author's comments:
Another one of my favorite poetic stories

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