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the END

September 3, 2009
By lovebegins PLATINUM, Las Vegas, Nevada
lovebegins PLATINUM, Las Vegas, Nevada
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When life gives you lemons make iced tea because you make your own paths in life not fallowing behind others, true love never dies, don't give up on your dreams, if you shoot for the moon and miss don't worry because you'll land among the stars.

the world is coming to an end
our wounds are to big to tend
we are losing faith and love
we have lost our little white dove
falling down to the ground
with a big crash and bash,
that travels around
we are falling down
cicrling to a deadly mound
little hope for us to go on now
we try to fight with a big pow
but we fail
as we are falling down
we are losing our counrty and town
can we make it out of hell
who are people goingto tell
our economy is on the run
as well as our sun
the world is coming to an end
what sign is god trying to send
many things are made of lies
i sthis when our planet dies
the end is near
is this when we all start to fear
cause the truth is here my dear
listen closly to the words
here is the end
the strings on our quilt are to,
destroied to mend
so here comes the end

The author's comments:
i was inspired by the view on life that have seen grwoing up over the years. i hope peole can relate and see the views i show through my eyes of the world. peole should beable to speak there mind and not get in trouble for what they say, because they think the end is near but its not theres much more.

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