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Citzen&#39s Arrest

August 30, 2009
By Requiem SILVER, McCall, Idaho
Requiem SILVER, McCall, Idaho
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Ostentatious presentation of the political adage
Psychopathic radicals sparking madness
Bleeding tears smear the face
Of the many people confused by race
Disappearance without a trace
Fake moments trying our faith
Fanatical craze taking over
Broken love making us run for cover
Anti-dissipation of philosophically sound morals
Shoving mics into puppets hands delivering speeches oral
Speech jailed, waiting to be freed
Holding these truths self evident we see
The evidence is stacked
Speech sent away by a jury, never looking back
Escapees are silenced for life
Broken words cut the soul like a knife
Bleeding from this wound created by a madman
Political correction, overall I've had it
This whole country is psycho
Bringing forth murder and we try to
Cover up these lies that we pass as truth
Slowly breaking this nation, the future for our youth
Giving them the chance, never to survive
Screwing up our present to ruin their whole life
Mentality breaking like glass shards
Pieces shatter from life hard
Sadness engulfs me
While i cry out, "heaven save me"
I'm hating
These unalienable rights alienated
Government officials being rated
People with money control
Both hands on this life we pretend to hold
Smoking guns blaze like cigarettes
This country smoking like we need Nicorette
Bombs drop destroying hate
Conflicting viewpoints clearly state
The broken families are forgotten
Never realizing that this is exactly what they wanted
War destroying, mental breakage
Confusing our minds with lies that faded
The view i viewed, the things i saw
Break me apart and let life be all for naught
Sadness repeats the words, cry here
Leave me be to all my fears
Governmental pigs running this life
Screw this pain, this hunger, and strife
Turn this around and beat the officials
Lets see if they put up resistance

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