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Angel In My Eyes

August 11, 2009
By GypsyRose GOLD, Charlotte, North Carolina
GypsyRose GOLD, Charlotte, North Carolina
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Babygirl, why do you cry?
I hate to see you this way
Wipe those tears, hunny, dry those eyes.
I promise it will be ok.
Life’s a hard road, and there’s a long way to go
You gotta be strong to make it.
So lift that chin up, and don’t let the pain show
Be brave, I know you can take it.
Angelita your beautiful, no matter what I say
And when it hurts to breathe at night
Call me and I’ll wish it all away
And if you just can’t stop the tears
When you feel that you’ve lost the fight
Know that you’ve got me and I’ll be right here
To cry with you, and hold you through the night.
yo sere tu Suena mi Angelita
I’ll always be around
And when he leaves you hurt and broken
I’ll pick your heart up off the ground
This war is never-ending
On this love-struck battlefield
And neither side is worth defending
When the price is finally revealed.
And though we face each other
With hatred in our eyes
We can’t disguise what tells no lies
There’s love within our hearts.
So I’ll lower my defense
And give you wings to fly
Though it comes at my expense
You’ll always be an angel in my eyes.

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