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April 7, 2009
By michelle perrott BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
michelle perrott BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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Insults like pebbels,
rain down on my friend.
looking so innocent until
they smash down to her fragile heart.

She'll do anything for a laugh,
so they don't respect her.
She gets out of hand,
but can you truely blame her?

She dosen't have a family.
Her daddy drinks, and tries to buy her love.
one time, he promised.
"I'll come play Wii for five hours."
you should have seen the light in her eyes.

Her mommy lies to her,
Her real daddy left them when my friend was born.

They say they want her to learn,
sending her to America.
Where she struggles each day.
Trying to learn like they wish,
but failing.

Her peers call her names,
No one likes you, go away.
But she laughs it off,
when I try to explain.
There her friends...right?
They wouldn't want to hurt her.

And their just joking.
and besides
she can't understand
this weird english language.

Tears deep in her eyes.
Even with the laungauge barrier,
I have befriended this girl.

With hugs and I love you's.
and open arms.
I welcome her to be my sister.
I welcome her to family.

The author's comments:
This poem is about a young friend I have. She is from South Korea, and now living in America. Her parents sent her to live with a distant relative. This distant relative does take care of her, but dosen't love her.
The insperation for this peice..
well there are three of us "sisters". And recently the oldest in our friendship told me how much my ilttle friend truely struggles in America and in school. She has no friends because of the language barrier, We are the only one's who treat her with love. She considers us her family, She is desperate for love. So I realized how much she truely needs us and how much i love her and I decided to write this.

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