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March 10, 2009
By TamarZiff PLATINUM, Caracas, Other
TamarZiff PLATINUM, Caracas, Other
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There once was a girl
In a glamorous world
Of parties and dresses and heels
The weekends spent drunk
In a drugged funk
With friends that were not at all real.
One day she decided
The social laws she abided
Were as insubstantial as her next meal,
So she backed her bags
Smoked a couple of fags
And awaited the cards fate would deal.
Whilst traveling South
The dryness of her mouth
Thus began to annoy,
So she bought some liquor
And drank it much quicker
Than any fraternity boy.
Her head started to pound
And the world went round round
She felt completely drowned
In the sounds that abound;
A howling hound
Upon which fortune frowned
The slow ticking of a clock recent wound
Gurgling of the vodka that she had just downed'
Then, all of a sudden,
She was on the ground
As the grass brushed her skin
And she breathed deeply in
Feeling like a princess, just crowned.
Her very next stop
Was the pawn shop
Where she would sell all her earthly possessions
Gone were her clothes
But she was all but morose
For she had now barred the path to regression.
Smiling with glee
She let her mind free
To wander the mazes of prose
For she'd never enjoyed
Being android
As she engaged in shopping spree.
One day she came upon
The bookseller's spawn
Beside a lake full of swans
Reading, at dawn
'What's it about?' she inquired
As the sun caught on fire
And he replied, tired
'Passion and desire'.
The boy caught her fancy
Made her kind of antsy
As she stood by his side, observing
The sun climbed higher
And they began to perspire
Until he reached out his hand and said 'Clancy'
She cocked her head
Glanced at his shirt (red)
Lightly scratched her head
And then said
'Nice to meet you.'
He retreated his hand
Adorned with a blue rubber band
At which she glanced and then chuckled
He noticed her snicker,
But wanted not to bicker
With the girl who's hair was the color of sand.
They then began a simple game
Beginning with the question of the girl's name.
At the mention of her moniker
She looked up at a passing bird
And smiled the smile that had won many men
But she knew her charms were useless then
For she had encountered a lad with a brain
And eyes as soft as a midsummer rain
She knew, right then
That she was doomed
For a heart protected by so many books consumed
Is not so easy to capture
And though her looks were such to enrapture
Her mind had retired
Intelligence (once admired)
Had eroded,
For long years had passed since occasion transpired
For its use.
Snapping out of her reverie
She realized that her liberty
Would be short-lived
Unless she could gain
A partner who was a mite more sane
Who could join her in this hippie quest
For freedom; lest
She be carried back to her old ways
Of hangovers and sleepless days
So she smiled that killer grin
Held out her hand to him
And said, her eyes gleaming
Mouth practically beaming
'Let's run away!'
And the boy
Peering out over eyes so grey
Eyes that had embraced the girl
Who had entered his life in a whirl
Gladly accepted the offer, and stood
Hugged the girl who made him feel that good
Took her hand and led her away
To a life into which she thought she would never stray.

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