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Their Need For Me

July 4, 2009
By DakotaK SILVER, Comptche, California
DakotaK SILVER, Comptche, California
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Their Need For Me

Dust gathers freely round me
Never give leave of the memory
Held tight was I
Oh, the memories, ‘sigh’
Their need for me.

Black. I reflect the fear.
The longing for love so near.
The want of a mother
Replaced by no other.

I held them tight
Many a fever some night
The two that were one
Sisters parted by none.

I was their play thing
When needed be
The hand they couldn’t hold
The always present memory
Their need for me.

Red. I reflect the love of two.
The inseparable bond
The difference was there
But an unknown song

They fought, yes
They angered, yes
But the love never left them
Twas always there.

I lay betwixt the pair
Never parting the inseparable
Overthrow of their Lair
The comfort was non to fool
Their need for me.

Now the days have long stretched old
I lay perfected, the marred lines along my fold
She, the elder one
Holds me tight and compares me to none.
I was there for her so long ago
The other part of
Has passed.
I glimpse the last rays of this world I will ever see
I am honored that she should choose me
I hold in my bowels the remnants of the other Half
To burry her sister, the memories, the laugh.

But alas I never forget their memory.
The love they held, their need for me.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem in response to Animal Dreams. It was my first attempt trying to write this type of poems.

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