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Reject me and Good bye

June 29, 2009
By Danielle.K SILVER, DeWitt, Michigan
Danielle.K SILVER, DeWitt, Michigan
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Do you remember me
the one you left behind
Threw away

You must
day after day
week after week
year after year
you come pleading

When your brain cleared
you vowed to after me
but that's too bad
I'm not like other girls

Other girls would have given you more than one chance,
But my heart's too fragile
You won't get a chance
To leave too much damage

I'm number one
I'll never be second
Not for anyone
No matter if I love you

Even if your smile dazzles me
Even if you beat the competition
Even if you really are sorry

I'm number one
I need to be treated right
No one trashes the trophy
and gets to keep it

So screw off
I'll be better
Find someone else

One mistake is too mcuh
I want only the best
even if he never compares to you
I'm a priceless prize
Not your rebound girl

So go find a life
Without me in it
Because I'll be moving on
While your left behind
Thrown away

Just like I was
All those lonely years ago
when I paitently waited
for your hatred to stop

You hated him
More than you ever loved me
I hope his death was worth it

Cause that's all your left with

The author's comments:
Inspired by a song i heard and a story im writting

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