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June 23, 2009
By Tallerthantrees SILVER, OAKVILLE, Connecticut
Tallerthantrees SILVER, OAKVILLE, Connecticut
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Cascading spines drift onto the open landscape
Whispers seep into the hearts of lost souls
Fingers dance like delicate wings stressed against the wind
The silence screams the melody of ocean waves upon the shore
And the sun sets east tonight no longer bound by a Heavenly mass.

The night sky paints your eyes purple and blue
And my heart rests beside me waiting for truth
Airwaves sound in distant paths
Tracing our memories like the roots of the oldest tree
Internal quarrels persist with time
But the hint of sunrise gleams from your eyes

Illuminated by harmony and time, hands lift intertwined
Weightless breezes bring nature her wings
And timeless words float off into the seas.

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