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Persistent Pleases

June 12, 2009
By rebecca22 SILVER, Franklin, Georgia
rebecca22 SILVER, Franklin, Georgia
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When it first begins to start
you'll try to tell them no
but after a few minutes
you realize how long they'll go

It'll most likely get louder
but you still can't tune it out
It's commonly accompanied
with a sad-eyed puppy pout

It never hits a barrier
It'll just keep piling up
It'll keep following you around
like a persistent little pup

There's only two solutions
get cross or give in
There's only two outcomes
you lose or you win

For there is no middle ground
and no compromise in sight
It's inevitably going to end
in a loud, two-sided fight

So your choices are the following
give in or stay strong
but no matter your choice decided
it will end up feeling wrong

The author's comments:
We've all been on both sides: the one pleading and the recipient.

It's good to remember how the recipient feels in this situation, because it can be really dificult at times.

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