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June 9, 2009
By delizabethl PLATINUM, Linesville, Pennsylvania
delizabethl PLATINUM, Linesville, Pennsylvania
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The Little Butterfly
That spreads it’s
Paper-thin wings
And flutters around my head
It reminds me of
The clouds I’d imagine
Floating around my head
With my thoughts
Written inside
Like in cartoons
And I think
Of the tiny caterpillar
That the butterfly
Used to be
And I remember
When I was little
Wanting to grow wings
And soar among the stars
But that was years ago
And dreams have faded
With time
I think of when I had dreams
When I was a caterpillar
But instead of transforming
Into a beautiful butterfly
I’m still in the chrysalis
I’m still waiting
To grow wings
And fly away from here

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