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Heart Flutters

June 4, 2009
By mmoran BRONZE, Lakehills, Texas
mmoran BRONZE, Lakehills, Texas
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"What is a weed? A plant whose true virtues have not yet been discovered." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nothing is as mystical as a butterfly.

The feeling you get when you’re amongst them is that of perfection. So perfect it’s almost impossible to describe.

They have that sort of soothing feeling as the land on your delicate fingertips.

But yet, to find a butterfly like this is so rare it’s comparable an ancient gem. Once discovered their beauty is unleashed and there’s no holding back. As soon as they shed that outer shell and spread their vividly coloured wings you start to realize that this isn’t something streamline.

The way your heat skips a beat and you feel the flutter of their wings in your heart, almost as if they are pulling you up towards the sky with them. But you realize you need to stay on the ground to keep your sanity.

Or should you fly away with them?

They start to tempt you with their sweet butterfly kisses, almost like honey. You decide to then spread your butterfly wings and let them take you up away into the cerulean sky with them.

Up, up, up you go.

You start to feel the pure happiness of life itself. For once, you feel peaceful-like nothing in the universe could go wrong.

The flight up isn’t as difficult as you assumed it would be, because as soon as you see their mosaic patterned wings everything is serene and at rest. There’s no need to worry anymore, for you are amongst the butterflies.

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