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Time's lying

October 9, 2021
By Rana-Hatem PLATINUM, Cairo, Other
Rana-Hatem PLATINUM, Cairo, Other
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It is all simple and decided...

Whenever I'm alone I get a little thoughtful and my ideas scatter in a frenzy, rushing through my bleak mind. A thought creeps a blurry path into oblivion-mirages of my conscious inner self.

Do we happen to exist because of time?

Is it a friend or a betraying foe?

Foggy and bleary or crystal clear and certain?

As obvious as the whole phenomenon lies unstirred, time has become substantial to our fates.

In physics I've learned that EM-tism has two perpendicular paths equivalent to one another. Just as delusional and weary as this sounds, our confusing pretty existence follows the same obligation. Apparently, time is life's cloned flicker shadow. As life drifts and moves along, time races to ensure it's on the right track at the right given pace and coordination. Not only does it hide misconceptional perspectives, but the way time is molded to fit our circumstances truly leaves me in awe. How usual can it be made to fit the whole universe to drum in harmony with just a single pound of the minutes arm on a clock?

The most valid answer is: the major aspect of time in relation to existing is unusual and most unexpected of all. Let's talk logic, how definite can our time consciousness retrieve a painful sorrow or a wounding history? It's just a matter of a deep inhale altered by another exhale.

We, humans, are set to adapt and get along whatever routes are there however time dooms our mischievous beings. Or atleast a subtle messing around every now and then.

Honestly, the whole deal is more like an unsolved riddle in one of James Bond's crime series- time is true, just unsolved.

"Time heals." - I've been told. "Time helps you forget." - I realised. "Time is like a bladed sword, if you don't take advantage of it, you'll end up so bad..." - I've been advised.

But the question still rumbles impatiently,

How and why does a four-lettered-word make such a muddle up?! Remember the 'frozen time' scene from 'Alice Through The Looking Glass'?

Alice couldn't manipulate or let the time pass along when it froze. Pretty much how we couldn't handle it as much as she couldn't. I think that scene wraps it all up in a nutshell. Time's a fool.

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